Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Is there any fictional character more recognizable than Sherlock Holmes?  I think not, so he is an appropriate first subject for my anything goes pulp. historical, fantasy, whatever miniature gaming blog. 

Northstar Figure's Scotland is my favorite of several Sherlock Holmes miniatures on the market. Reaper and Westwind are two notable examples, but Northstar's capture the classic feel best. Unfortunately, they are only sold as part of the IHMN Scotland Yard box set - a fine set, but if you only want the pair that is not an option. 

Sherlock Holmes - A Pulp Alley League

Pulp Alley is a great game for getting Holmes and Watson onto a gaming table. Here are my stats for Sherlock Holmes and Watson in Pulp Alley:

I leave the rest of the league up to individual preferences. Lestrade and Scotland Yard plainclothes should be Allies with good Shoot ability, Bobbies with batons could be followers with Fierce or Brute. Save 2 league slots for a gang of street urchins with the Stealthy or Sly ability.