Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hans Heinrich and his Crew of Ne'er Do Wells

Competing against James Hawkins' adventurers in the Perilous Island campaign are Han Heinrich and his motley crew of thugs.

From left to right: Shorty Pete, the Hunchback, Hans Heinrich and Benny the Brute

Hans Heinrich (leader)- German archaeologist with a background in the theosophy movement. Rumored to have studied under Aleister Crowley before the Great War. In the ten years since, he has been quietly assembling an impressive collection of mystical objects, some of which have found their way into his arsenal of weapons.

The Hangman (sidekick) - Though his name and nationality are unknown, he is presumably French or Belgian in origin. A powerfully strong and crafty hunchback, his preferred weapon is a noose that he uses to immobilize his victims while colleagues finish them off.

Benny the Brute (sidekick) - a former circus strongman that Hans "acquired" in his travels. He is tremendously strong and loyal to Hans, and not near as dim-witted as he looks.

Shorty Pete (ally) - an American hitman who fled to Europe when the heat got to close to him. Especially deadly with the razor and other small arms.

This league uses the perk for two sidekicks, along with whatever backup thugs the leader can generate before the game.

All the figures, except Hans, are from the Pulp Figures Freakish Flunky pack. Hans is from Artizan's Thrilling Tales line as Herr Tohdt.  

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