Thursday, July 13, 2017

Perilous Island: Hidalgo Fire

For the first chapter of our Perilous Island Campaign played at Gigabites Cafe. Set up on a large 4x4 table, but marked off a 3x3 area.  The 

The Story: Lord Donovan Darrow was once a respected and wealthy archaeologist, but he lost his reputation, wealthy and eventually in his sanity in his quest to prove the existence of an ancient civilization called the Enochean Empire. Recently discovered evidence may now support his claims, but unfortunately he has gone missing. However, his daughter, Lady Elaine Darrow, a noted archaeologist herself, is working at an ancient Toltec site in Hidalgo, Mexico. She may have a clue to his whereabouts. Competing leagues rush to her location, either to persuade her or force her assistance. 

The number of terrain pieces was randomly generated and figure placement was not per side but throughout and across the board. An interesting condition, and it certainly allowed the action to begin immediately, just like in a pulp novel or adventure film. 

Terrain pieces included tents, hills, an adobe house and an abandoned church to represent an abandoned village in a valley in the rugged hill country of Hidalgo, Mexico. 

 James and his son Miles (left) make a run for Lady Darrow, as she is the main objective, and they are closest team members. 

Meanwhile, Hans and his men (below) decide to search Lady Darrow's tent for clues. 

Harry, in the top right corner, tries to pick off Benny as he closes in on Lady Darrow's tent.  However, quick use of a Fortune card by Benny neutralizes his shot. 
James Hawkins manages to successfully make contact with Lady Darrow, despite Shorty Pete's attack. 

Inside Lady Darrow's tent, Benny the Brute stomps a spider and finds a clue.

Meanwhile, Miles who ran off when the fighting started, finds the crystal skull artifact, a minor plot point.

Meanwhile, Desh engages Shorty so that James can get away with Lady Darrow.

After four turns, the mining company's dynamite charges begin going off. With all of the plot points secure at that point, the two leagues take a few shots at each other as they exit the valley. 

Overall, it was a great first scenario. Combat was not an integral part of this game as the leagues focused on securing the plot points closest to their figures. My main replay suggestions is that if the terrain and buildings have removable tops or coverings, have a neutral observer or GM place the plot points so that the players don't know exactly where to go. 

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