Monday, July 17, 2017

Tarzan and Friends: An alternate Perilous Island league

My original intention for the Perilous Island campaign was to build a Tarzan/Jungle Lord league. For a variety of reasons, I changed my mind, but only after I painted the figures and designed the stats.  

My Pulp Alley Tarzan character borrows elements from various movie and tv incarnations through the years and less from ERB. The boy and chimpanzee come from the 40s and 50s movies. The ability to use Animal backups comes from my first exposure to Tarzan, the CBS Saturday morning cartoon from the early 1980s.

All figures are from Northstar, except for Jane, which is from Brigade games.

Tarzan  - Leader

Health: d10
B 3d12 S 2d8 D 3d8
M 3d10 F 2d10 C 3d10

Inhuman - increase one of your starting skills up to d12 (included above)
Flying Tackle - once per turn, shift your brawl dice down to give one engaged enemy a -1d penalty to all combat skills.
Loyal Following - all temporary characters which join the league benefit from league perks.

If you feel particularly brave, give Tarzan the Animal ability (League Perk) and raise two skills at the cost of removing his Shooting. Tarzan did use a bow and sling, and the idea of having a leader with no ranged ability seemed too risky.

Jane Porter - Sidekick
Health: d8
B 2d6 S 3d8 D 3d6
M 2d6 F 2d8 C 3d8

Crackshot - targets of shooting do not benefit from cover.
Quick-witted - once per turn, shift Might, Finesse or Cunning down to gain a +2d bonus.

Jane is built to be a capable shorter and leader in her own right, like the Margot Robbie version in the recent film.

Jungle Girl - Ally

Health: d6
B 2d6 S 0 D 3d6
M 1d6 F 1d6 C 2d6

Animal (league perk) increase to skills by 1d, you have no shoot.
Stealthy - hide as an action instead of a full action

Jungle Girl is not inspired by a specific character, but based on the a type of character that showed up frequently in films and comics of the time.

Boy - Follower
Health: d6
B 1d6 S 1d6 D 1d6
M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6

Crafty - once per turn re-roll one Dodge or Cunning die.

Health: d6
B 2d6 S 0 D 1d6
M 1d6 F 2d6 C 1d6

Animal (League perk)
Speedy - run up to 16" instead of 12."

League Name: The Jungle League
League Perks: Animals, Keen Senses

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